Current scientific activity by Gunnar Nilsson


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Gunnar Nilsson


1. Current scientific activity by Gunnar Nilsson
1.1. Clinical research and health care research
1.1.1. Group treatment of insomnia in primary care
An alternative to pharmacological treatment is evaluated in a RCT. Research leader and co-supervisor in collaboration with Professor Jerker Hetta, PhD, Mirjam Ekstedt, PhD, district nurse, Janette Westman and doctoral student Christina Sandlund, funded by Stockholm County Council (SCC).


  1. 1.1.  New strategies to improve care for patients with heart disease in primary health care

A doctoral project by Mattias Athlin on a group randomized intervention for improved diagnosis and treatment of patients with atrial fibrillation, heart failure and ischaemic heart disease. Co-supervisor in collaboration with Eva Toth-Pal, MD,PhD, funded in part by SCC (ALF-medicine).


  1. 1.1.  Treatment of clinical burnout

Starting in 2006 several outcomes are being studied in a RCT on the effect of traditional yoga and cognitive behaviour therapy on health and quality of life. Co-supervisor in a twin doctoral project by doctoral student Astrid Grensman, MD, and doctoral student Bikash Dev Acharya, clinical psychologist, with Professor Per Wändell, Professor Sigbritt Werner, Associate Professor Torkel Falkenberg; funded by SCC and a private health care company.


  1. 1.1.  Chronic pain assessment and management

Aiming at enabling general practitioners to minimize the negative effects of chronic pain by providing easily available internet-based education and efficient diagnostic tools based on pain drawing methods. Co-supervisor and senior researcher in a doctoral project led by Bo-Christer Bertilsson, MD, PhD, in collaboration with Associate Professor Mahmood Ahmed, funded by the SCC specialist training research programme.


  1. 1.1.  Education about management of patients with leg ulcers

A study, started in 2003, is being done on the management of patients with leg ulcers in which we are testing the effect of an educational model for district nurses aided by information from the EPR. Position as co-supervisor in a working group made up of doctoral student Annica Lagerin, district nurse, and senior lecturer Lena Törnkvist, PhD, from CeFAM, and assistant supervisor GN, all at KI. The work is partially financed by grants from SCC.


  1. 1.1.  Nationwide survey on sickness certification

A national survey in 2004, 2008 and 2012 sent to all physicians in Sweden explores problems and related issues in sickness certification. Senior researcher in an extensive research group at the Dept. of Clinical Neuroscience at KI led by Professor Kristina Axelsson, funded by AFA Insurance Sweden and the Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research.


  1. 1.1.  Improved sick-leave process in primary care

Evaluation of interactive training for physicians in the assessment of activity limitation according to the International Classification of Functioning (ICF). Position as co-supervisor in a doctoral programme with research assistant Magdalena Fresk, MD, in collaboration with Professor Peter Henriksson, Associate Professors Lars Backlund, Anna Kiessling, Britt Arrelöv, and Ylva Skåner, funded by grants from SCC.


  1. 1.1.  Evaluation of a patient questionnaire

Psychometric evaluation of the Sympathy, Acceptance, Understanding and Caring competence (SAUC) model questionnaire in a sample of foreign-born parents encountering nurses in Swedish Child Health Care services. Senior researcher in a postdoctoral project in collaboration with Associate Professor Lena Törnkvist, Anita Berlin, RN, PhD, Professor Anita Willman, funded in part by SCC.


  1. 1.1.  Developing a model for research quality assessment

Evaluation of research in a multidisciplinary approach to assessing research practice and quality, in collaboration with Stockholm University (SU) and the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). Research leader in collaboration with Professor Udo Sander, Professor Uno Fors and Associate Professor Pär Mårtensson, funded in part by SU, SSE and KI.


  1. 1.1.   Pedagogics

    1. 1.1.  Group education in health care (GriP)

Funded by the Swedish Research Council (pedagogic grants), 2012-2015 concerning group education in health care for expectant and new parents – a three-part study exploring experiences, barriers, facilitators and the effect of leadership training on self-efficacy, functioning and competence. Position as senior researcher, in collaboration between Linköping University and KI.


  1. 1.1.  Undergraduate educational environment in chiropractic

A doctoral project by Per Palmgren focusing on the educational environment among undergraduate chiropractic and physiotherapeutic students, and development of an instrument for its evaluation. Co-supervisor in collaboration with pedagogue Klara Bolander-Laksov, PhD, Associate Professor and physiotherapist Ingrid Linkquist, and Associate Professor and physiotherapist Tobias Sundberg. Funded by the Scandinavian School of Chiropractic.


  1. 1.1.  Educational environment in primary health care

A doctoral project by Eva Öhman on medical students' educational environment in primary health care and how patients experience their role as co-teachers. Co-supervisor in collaboration with senior lecturer Helena Salminen, PhD, senior lecturer Päivi Kaila, and Professor Håkan Hult, funded by SCC pedagogic ALF funds.


  1. 1.1.   Medical informatics and e-learning

    1. 1.1.  Extracting clinical findings from Swedish health record text

A corpus consisting of all textual data from all records at Karolinska Hospital over 5 years, including 600,000 patients, is built up and used for development of text based data mining tools. Several doctoral projects in collaboration with Stockholm University (SU), aiming at system development used in extracting clinical data from health records. Co-supervisor in collaboration with Professor Hercules Dalianis, Associate Professor Martin Hasser, Maria Kvist, MD, PhD, and doctoral student Maria Skeppstedt, funded by grants from SU.


  1. 1.1.  Clinical guidelines and knowledge bases in general and in computers

A doctoral project started in 2004 with the intention of studying the benefits of clinical guidelines in handheld computers. The project has studied the potential benefits of using handheld computers equipped with clinical guidelines and has evaluated the ease-of-use and subjective evaluation of such handheld devices in the clinical setting by around 50 medical interns by means of queries, interviews and focus groups. Supervisor in collaboration with doctoral student Christian Gerdesköld, MD, Eva Toth-Pal, MD, PhD, Associate Professor and dentist Inger Wårdh, and Professor Lars-Erik Strender.


  1. 1.1.  Implementing Medibase® in undergraduate medical education

The project aims to implement the use of Medibase in clinical courses at the medical programme at KI, and is funded by pedagogic ALF funds at SCC. Position as research leader and supervisor, in collaboration with Eva Toth-Pal, MD, PhD.